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Welcome to Summer Lawyers.

Summer Lawyers is undergoing some changes. Shortly, we will have a new address, new website and new look.

As always, Summer Lawyers continues to offer highly-qualified, specialist legal advice and services, particularly for the complicated issues relating to mortgage securitisation and enforcement.

We provide clear, concise and accurate advice in cohesion with diligently executed services by knowledgeable professionals. We take extremely complicated matters, pull them apart and reassemble them in the clearest fashion, enabling our clients to comfortably absorb the details. By streamlining our processes in this manner, we can quickly move through these detailed matters to consistently achieve the most successful outcomes for our clients, in the shortest timeframe.

The proficiency of our services means there is very little need for our clients to concern themselves with the highly technical and knowledge-intensive workings of their personal property or mortgage matter. However, we are unique in our approach to transparency in our practice.

The services we provide are extremely extensive, covering all aspects of personal property and mortgage law as well as a comprehensive list of services relating to commercial and business law.

Our Mortgage services include mortgage enforcement, discharge, documentation, due diligence. Our commercial law services include debt recovery, commercial leases, property settlements and general property law. These are our key services but our expansive expertise allows us to seamlessly advise and act upon the often intersecting aspects of a legal matter.

Engaging Summer Lawyers ensures the smooth and successful conclusion of your matter.

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