​Summer Lawyers are mortgage loan and recovery specialists. Our expert team delivers unrivalled efficiency and exceptional service to our loyal clients.

As one of Australia’s leading lender specialists, we have written over 10,000 loans in the last five years and participated in more than 4,500 recovery actions. Our documents have been put to the test in all states and territories and we can settle loans in as little as three hours.

You can trust Summer Lawyers to get results, fast.

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About Us.

We always put people first.

Summer Lawyers was started to provide specialised expertise, backed by meticulous documents and exceptional service.

In six years of operation, Summer Lawyers has grown rapidly to become one of the largest lending providers in Australia, acting across all states and territories. Our clients come to us because we understand the immediacy of their needs. They know we can be trusted to get loans settled fast, and where necessary, recover their money as quickly as possible. We have a specialised team of over 25 people, who are on hand to provide our clients with timely service, whenever they need it.

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Summer Lawyers are experts in loan and recovery.

We advise on mortgage advances and enforcements, including mortgage due diligence, construction finance, loan syndication services, personal property securities and mortgage priorities. We also have a specialised team for litigation, dispute resolutions and mortgagee sales.

As a specialist firm devoted to private finance, we have the knowledge and stringent procedures that allow us to act swiftly. This means we can get the best possible results, without delay. Our high level of efficiency, expertise and dedicated team mean that we will, on average, turn around a loan within a few days. This is achieved with great attention to detail. Our recovery services are also highly effective. Throughout the history of our firm, when using documents generated by us, we have always recovered our clients’ money.

At Summer Lawyers, we have a high-performance team who are equipped to provide specialist advice and make effective decisions. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of service which revolves around the best interests of our clients.


Simply put;
we get the job done.


At Summer Lawyers, our specialised services cover the entire loan and recovery process.

In mortgage advances and securitisation, we offer services in mortgage due diligence, construction finance, loan syndication, personal property securities and mortgage priorities. Our efficient processes and quick customer service allow us to provide quick turnaround times (as little as three hours for mortgage documents) and settle on the same day.

We have a specialised team of experienced recovery lawyers who have run thousands of actions for lenders. When mortgages don’t go to plan, you can rely on us to get results in and out of court.


We make it simple
but, significant.


Mortgage Advances
& Securitisation.

Mortgage Due Diligence
Mortgage Due Diligence

Mortgage due diligence is crucial for mitigating risk in any mortgage or property transaction. At Summer Lawyers, before you secure any high-risk or large-scale investment, we place loans into risk categories and undertake a 180-point due diligence checklist. We conduct this on every loan we write. We can perform credit checks, property and market investigations, property reviews and ascertain loan details of any superior ranking mortgage. We are experienced in the verification of identity procedures through the Australian DVS (Document Verification Platform), with the ability to review the legitimacy of international identification documents.

We also act on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) programs, helping to protect your business from criminal activity.

As experts in the field, you can trust Summer Lawyers to get the legal processes right, regardless of the complexity of your property or mortgage transactions.

Construction finance

Construction finance

We understand the intricacies of construction finance and that immediacy is key. Our lawyers will work to ensure your projects can get underway without delay.

We act for lenders on both large and small construction loans who need pre-sales finance in the interim. Our lawyers are on hand for our clients to review and audit qualifying pre-sales and development approvals and our documents and side deeds are flexible.

Loan Syndication Services
Loan Syndication Services

We manage loan syndication services for clients running contributory and pooled mortgage schemes.

Loan syndications require considerable coordination; however, through our immense experience, we are able to simplify the process. We have precedent documents that have been tested around Australia, which streamline the procedure and allow us to arrange and implement loan syndicates quickly.

Personal Property Securities

Personal Property Securities

Our tested mortgage documents can grant an interest in all personal property – from bricks and mortar, to shares and less traditional assets – and provide for charges over specific personal property. This means that if a charge over a property is insufficient, we can manage additional charges over an individual or a company. Then, any assets of that individual or company can be called on to secure payment of the secured money.

At Summer Lawyers, we act to ensure our clients’ security interests are perfected and registered correctly, safeguarding you in the instance of recovery. We help inform lenders, so they understand the changes to Personal Property Securities law. We have also implemented changes to accommodate the Personal Property Securities Act.

Mortgage Priorities

Mortgage Priorities

At Summer Lawyers, we manage the intricacies of mortgage priorities. We will act to mitigate risk by securing the best priority possible for your money. This means that in the instance of a default, your money can be secured and recovered quickly, boosting cash flow so you can keep your funds moving.

As specialists in mortgage law, we have in-depth knowledge of your mortgagee rights and how to enforce these rights for efficient debt recovery. By having a deep understanding of the entire process, we prepare documents designed to get you the best possible outcome in a default.


Mortgage Enforcements
& Recovery

Summer Lawyers are experts in mortgage enforcements and recovery.

Our experienced team is structured for high volume and complex work. We only act for lenders and we provide our clients with practical advice aimed at solving problems fast.

Outside of litigious matters, we can help with mortgage defaults, default notices, forbearance deeds, registrations on title, mortgagee in possession sales, instructing receivers and managers, and appearing at mediations.

When taking a dispute to court is the best option, we have a long track record of getting results. We have run over 2,000 recovery actions, across all Australian jurisdictions, enforcing mortgagee rights relating to:

  • Possession applications
  • Judicial sale applications
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Claims against the Torrens Assurance Scheme
  • Section 66G and other trustee litigation matters
  • Priority disputes among secured and unsecured creditors
  • Defending claims of unconscionable conduct
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